The Evzones, Athens, Greece - Xinjin

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Change Guards at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Athens, Greece

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is permanently guarded by Evzones, members of the presidential guard in traditional attire, foustanella.

The foustanella was worn by the Greek revolutionaries who fought the independence war against the Turkish between 1821 and 1830. It consists of a white skirt with 400 pleats (the number of years of Turkish rule), white shirts with long sleeves, red pointed shoes with large pompons and an embroidered vest.

The change of the guards, on the hour, looks like a very slow dance where the soldiers kick their feet on the ground and in the air. On Sunday at 11 o'clock, the ceremony is more elaborate than the weekday event and features a marching band and an abundance of guards.

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